Supervision often becomes a necessary evil for the clinical workers, and merely getting “a supervisor,” as indicated by many accrediting organisations, puts unnecessary limits on the professional development of the practitioner. If supervision is seen as an ethical requirement or necessary chat of little benefit, or as an endless case note pile to scroll through in attempt to fit cases to set patterns, it may be time to reconsider your options and start to get true benefits from the service.

Supervision at Bracknell Psychoanalysis can be a refreshingly different and empowering experience. Whether you come from the counselling world,  or work as a psychologist, social worker, teacher or in the voluntary segment, being able to hear the unspoken parts of your knowledge boosts your work forward. Having an analyst with whom to share the dilemmas or ask for an opinion is a different way of seeing the professional life. Many recently qualified clinical practitioners are used to the frequent supervision sessions of their training courses, and entry to the real world with the help of different unaffiliated supervisor can be all what is needed to get on the feet and be able to proceed without feeling undermined by the baggage of past years. Experienced practitioners at times want to feel freshened by different way of approach, and can greatly benefit from the analytical approach to their work.

The session is for the clinician to find his or her way, hearing what s/he already knows, and to dare to explore whatever was until then unattended. Unveiling what is behind the limitations and blockages, to see beyond. It is for you to be able to follow your own way of working with the freedom and trust in what you already know. Not merely to comply with your supervisor or any external other, but rather develop yourself and discover your particular style and understanding, thus hear from within what works for your clients.

Katja has been trained in traditional Lacanian psychoanalysis in Argentina, which is the leading country in analytical research and understanding. This cross-cultural approach gives new angles to the supervision; it shakes what does not work and which was thought to be solid and brings about a deep sense of freedom.

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Bracknell Psychoanalysis is located within just 3 minutes walking distance from Bracknell train station and it is close to both The Lexicon and The Peel Centre, on a quiet cul de sac. The professional premises offer comfort as well as full privacy, without the need 'to walk into someone's living room' or having the uncomfortable feeling of waiting in a crowded room at the GP's office or in a therapy centre. There is free parking in front of the building and plenty more on the road adjacent to the premises.

I work with adults and adolescents in person, as well as via Skype nationally and internationally. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Finnish.