Supervision is an important part of the work of all clinical practitioners, and finding a supervisor with whom you can form a good working relationship can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many institutes and organisations are limited in their approaches, and put unnecessary strains on their members and in their particular way of working.

The foundation of professional practice is the understanding that no two clients (or clinicians) are the same and supervision can reflect that. Instead of cornering the practitioner into a place where external theory or learned rules overtake the voice from within, supervision at its best has the possibility of opening spaces for individual professional understanding to flow and for stagnation to convert into liberating action.

Supervision at Bracknell Psychoanalysis can be a refreshingly different and empowering experience. Not concentrating on progress notes or aiming to find a clinical consensus of diagnosis, we use a totally different approach. As analytical listening relies on the words of the client – in this case the therapist in supervision – different theoretical approaches are not a hindrance but rather an asset for the work. The session is for the clinician to find his or her way, hearing what s/he already knows, and to dare to explore whatever was until then unattended. Unveiling what is behind the limitations and blockages, to see beyond. It is for you to be able to follow your own way of working with the freedom and trust in what you already know. Not merely to comply with your supervisor or any external other, but rather develop yourself and discover your particular style and understanding, thus hear from within what works for your clients.

Katja has been trained in traditional Lacanian psychoanalysis in Argentina, which is the leading country in analytical research and understanding. This cross-cultural approach gives new angles to the supervision; it shakes what was thought to be solid and brings about a deep sense of freedom.

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Bracknell Psychoanalysis is located in Venture House, Arlington Square, within short walking distance from Bracknell train station and close to both The Lexicon and The Peel Centre. There is parking in front of the building and more at the adjacent multi storey car park.

I work with adults and adolescents in person, as well as via Skype nationally and internationally. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Finnish.